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WearBands come in four sock sizes, three lower-body band sizes and 3 upper-body band sizes, which together accommodate almost anyone of any shoe size, height, and fitness level.

Ordering correct size is simple! Just got our ordering page, answer a few sizing questions, and we will recommend the correct size(s) for you.

Ordering more than one system of different sizes (you will receive a quantity discount)? After completing the first order, simply ADD TO CART and click START NEW ORDER, and enter the new sizing information.

Interested in team or bulk ordering, contact us 888-682-3953 or on our Contact Page and we will assist in creating the most cost-effective package for your needs.

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General Product Questions

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Unlike all other resistance bands, WearBands allows unrestricted movement under variable resistance. Typical resistance bands are either tied to a stationary object, held by another person, or held in your hands. These systems often do not allow the body to move in a natural way with proper posture, and do not leave your hands free. WearBands allows true functional movement under resistance, the way body naturally moves.
With your hands free and your body untethered, you are free to add upper-body resistance, if you wish, and you are free to move anywhere and everywhere. This allows for a more complete workout. Upper- and lower-body muscle groups can receive a resistance workout simultaneously, and you can also add fully functional resistance to any cardio workout. You will receive more results in the same time, or the same results in less time, because you are burning more calories (up to 20 percent), getting more cardio, and getting more toning from the same workout.
The muscles therefore receive a much more concentrated resistance workout, and for the first time ever, your muscles are trained under resistance to work in a coordinated fashion, as they do when you naturally move. This is the WearBands DIFFERENCE!

No longer confined to the gym to get an effective resistance workout, WearBands® frees you to add resistance to your workout anytime, anywhere. Because it is worn and not tethered to a stationary object or another person, you can take your resistance band workout anywhere. On the field of play, to an outdoor boot camp, to the park, on vacation or a business trip – ANYWHERE.True functional training can only be achieved if the body is allowed to move in a natural way. Tethered resistance band devices put the body in an unnatural position as you pull against the resistance. WearBands allows the body to move naturally and with correct posture, while applying resistance to all muscle groups in a coordinated fashion. The result is free and natural movement under resistance, or true functional training.Now free to move anywhere at any speed under variable resistance, not only are your muscles trained functionally, but your cardio system and endurance can be improved simultaneously, as the full-time resistance gives you a cardio workout unattainable by tethered and hand-held devices.WearBands® applies variable resistance, as opposed to static weight. The farther the bands are stretched, the more resistance that is applied. Variable resistance engages the muscles through the complete range of motion, and has been shown to reduce the risk of injury when compared to static weights.Unlike weighted vests and clothing, WearBands applies its resistance internally. Weighted vests and clothing simply add extra weight to the wearer, significantly increasing the force of impact with every stride. Over time, this increased force of impact can cause significant injury to the leg joints and lower back. The internal resistance applied by WearBands® adds no additional force of impact, resulting in a much safer and less injury-prone method of adding resistance to functional movements.

Sports-specific training focuses on improving the efficiency of functional movement related to a particular sport. This is done by strengthening the muscles specific to the movement and improving the connection between the brain and muscles, called the neuromuscular system. No other system takes functional muscle training and neuromuscular feedback to this level, because no other system is able to apply variable resistance to full-speed, continuous athletic movement.

Without altering your favorite kind of exercise, WearBands helps you train more productively. More muscle engagement form the core to the foot means more calories burned per workout (up to 20 percent), more strengthening of the core, glutes, and legs, more firming and toning, and more time-efficient training. WearBands is a workout enhancement system, meaning you choose the workout and WearBands will make it more productive.

For the first time ever, WearBands has created a variable resistance system that trains all muscle groups, from the core to the toes, in a coordinated fashion. All muscle groups are trained as they work in concert, the way the muscles normally work during functional movement. The result is a balanced application of variable resistance to the body while it is moving in a natural, functional way, resulting in improved coordination and balance, and more efficient movement.

YES! WearBands can significantly increase the number of calories burned during the same workout. On average, WearBands burns 20 percent more calories during the same workout.

YES! WearBands can significantly increase the intensity of your workout, and therefore improve cardio conditioning.

ABSOLUTELY! WearBands is designed to be used with virtually any workout. Since WearBands moves as you move, it can be used to intensify and make your current workout more efficient. More calories, more cardio, more toning – same workout!

YES! WearBands currently has two full-length fitness DVDs under our previous brand name, True Form. One is a WearBands dance workout, featuring renowned Master Zumba® trainer Lisa Marie, and the second DVD is a full-body, high-intensity workout featuring athlete, dancer and So You Think You Can Dance All-star Neil Haskell. Both DVDs were designed for use with the WearBands® system.
Coming soon, WearBands will have its own fitness and athletic training videos featuring some of the industry’s leading and most knowledgeable trainers.
In the meantime, the beauty of WearBands is that it can be used in conjunction with virtually any workout. There’s no need to change your favorite workouts to take advantage of WearBands – just put it on and take your current workout to a new level.

YES! WearBands allows light, variable resistance to be applied in functional way. As such, it can be an ideal tool for slowly and gradually adding light resistance during recovery from lower-body injuries, increasing range of motion, and strengthening the muscles around joints. You should, of course, consult with your rehab specialist to see if WearBands® can be an effective tool for your recovery.

The five-band system offers the user the most workout options. With all five bands, you can use the lighter bands for extended, movement-oriented workouts, and the heavier bands for shorter workouts with less movement (plyometric and strength workouts). For those only anticipating using WearBands to add light resistance to extended cardio and movement-based workouts, you may find the three-band system to be sufficient.

The best band strength depends on many factors, including level of fitness, duration of the workout, and type of workout. WearBands is designed to provide light, continuous variable resistance that does not significantly alter your natural movement. As such, you should not choose a band strength that significantly alters your natural movement. Generally speaking, you should consider a lighter band for longer workouts, as the continuous resistance will add up over time. You may consider a heavier band for shorter workouts and workouts where you are focusing on strength, but again, the bands should not significantly alter your natural movement.

There is a short adjustment period that usually lasts no more than a few sessions, as your body is getting used to working under full-time variable resistance. During this time, the resistance may seem very challenging. Do not overdo it during this adjustment phase. Unhook the system as needed, gradually increasing your time in the system as your body adjusts. By the second or third time in the system, you should find that your body has adjusted quickly and that the resistance level seems to have decreased.

ABSOLUTELY! The WearBands sock is designed to also be worn with no shoes at all. Simply slip on the sock, attach the bands, and you are ready to go sans shoes.

Remember that the WearBands®system is a RESISTANCE system. Just like with any resistance workout, it is important to give your body time to recover between workouts. We recommend at least two days off between WearBands® workouts.

Using Wearbands for the First Time

There is a short adjustment period as your body gets used to moving under full-time variable resistance. This is perfectly normal. It won't take your body long to adjust. We recommend first walking in the system, focusing on walking normally. As you begin to walk normally, try jogging, again focusing on moving normally. Then try some multi-directional movement. It should not take long before your body adjusts to this new feeling, and then you will find that you are able to perform virtually any movement and the bands will move as you move.

Walking, light jogging, and simple multi-directional movements are recommended until your body adjusts to the new feeling of full-time variable resistance. Let your body be your guide. As your body gets used to the system, and you find that the bands are moving as you move (without significantly altering your movements), you may progress to more complex and faster movements.

It is simple to take a break from using the system without disrupting your workout. Simply unclip the bands from your socks/shoes, clip the bands to the side rings of the belt, and continue with your workout. If and when you are ready to re-engage the bands, simply unclip them from the side rings on the belt and clip them back on your socks/shoes.


The WearBands sock should snugly but comfortably on your foot. If it seems too loose and bunches up when slid into your shoe, then your sock is too large. Please notify us regarding your desire to exchange your sock for a smaller size. We will happily send you a new sock in the proper size free of charge.

Because of the rubber sole of the WearBands® sock, a short break-in period is sometimes necessary, until the rubber stretches a bit. This should take no more than one or two uses. If the discomfort persists, we recommend using our bungee shoelaces during the break-in period, and connecting the front bands directly to the shoelaces. Please contact us to receive, free of charge, our bungee shoelaces and we will forward a set-up video to use the system in this manner. This should alleviate your foot discomfort.

For women, the solution is easy – remove the front pad! The pad is not really necessary for women. Please refer to our System Set-up - Women to see how the pad can be removed. For men, the likely cause of this sensation is that the belt is too loose. The downward force of the bands is pulling the belt down too low. Disengage the bands from the sock/shoe and adjust the belt to make it as tight as possible without being uncomfortably tight. When the bands are clipped to the sock/shoe, the belt should now remain high enough on the hips to alleviate the discomfort.

If there is pressure on your hips, then reposition the belt so that it is placed just over the hip bone, as opposed to above the hip bone (see our system set up video). When the bands are engaged, this positioning should alleviate any pressure on the hips.


The best way to answer questions about putting on the system is to watch our system set-up video, a link to which was provided to you via email when your system was delivered. If you did not see the video, it can be found on our youtube channel, under system set up and tips at www.youtube.com/wearbands.

The rings on the belt should always be facing UP for men and DOWN for women. Please see our System Set Up videos for reference.

The rear attachment ring should always face DOWN when worn.

The belt should be as tight as possible without creating discomfort. Remember, when the bands are engaged, there will be downward force placed on the belt. If the belt is too loose, it will slip downward, which can be uncomfortable. Make sure the belt is nice and snug before the bands are engaged, and then you should have no problem with the belt's comfort.

This varies, mostly between men and women. For men, positioning the belt just above the hip bones works best. For women, positioning the belt just over the hip bones works best. The first time you put on the system, you may need to adjust the belt position to find the best fit for you, and then you will know for future uses.

Most users need only thread the belt through both buckles at once, and simply fold it back over and secure to the Velcro.
For larger waists (over 40 inches), you will need to thread the belt through the two buckles and then back through one buckle for a secure fit.

The Spacer (foam pad) is designed to lift up, allowing the overlapping portion of the belt to lie beneath the Spacer. Simply detach the Velcro strip holding the spacer to the back of the belt, lift up the spacer, place the belt securely beneath the spacer, and reattach the spacer to the back of the belt with the Velcro strip. For women who have removed the foam spacer, simply wrap the belt around and secure with the Velcro.

The rear attachment is simply fed up under the belt, wrapped around the belt and secured to the Velcro on the attachment. Remember, the ring on the rear attachment should always be facing DOWN when worn.

Called the Spacer, this pad serves to hold the bands away from the body to prevent uncomfortable chafing against the upper legs. Women do not really need this pad, and it is therefore easily removed by unhooking the Velcro straps.

The front pad should be centered and facing forward. Please view our system set-up videos for proper front pad alignment.

Rings have been placed on the side of the belt for use with future accessories to the system that are currently under development. We do not recommend securing the bands to these side rings at this time. Doing so may result in injury.

Putting on the Bands

YES! The rear bands are always the longer of the two color-coded bands. It is important for the proper functioning of the system that front and rear bands are located properly. Failure to do so may result in injury.

ALWAYS start with the lightest bands, even if you are a fit athlete. There is a short adjustment period as your body adapts to full-time variable resistance. After your body becomes used to this new form of training, you should choose the appropriate level of resistance, depending on your fitness level and type of workout. WearBands is meant to be a light resistance system, adding variable resistance to your movements without significantly altering your natural movement.

ALWAYS secure the bands to the belt rings before clipping them to the shoe. When clipping the bands to the shoe, ALWAYS kneel down to reduce the tension on the bands. Failure to do so may result in injury.

The bands can be left attached to the front belt ring and rear attachment between uses. This will reduce the time needed to put on the system for the next use. Choosing to leave the bands on the belt in this fashion may also reduce the life of the bands and expose them to damage, so store the belt and bands properly to reduce the risk of damage to the bands.

We recommend that the bands be put back in the band pouches after every use. They may be left on the belt ring and rear attachment, but this may reduce the life of the bands and expose them to damage.

It is extremely rare for a band to snap. The causes of a band snapping may include,

1) the front band accidentally being used as the rear band,
2) the bands being clipped to the shoe BEFORE they have been properly secured to the belt rings, or
3) the band has been damaged prior to use.

If any of the above reasons caused a band to snap, please re-read the User's Manual and view our System Set-up Video on YouTube to ensure that the system is being used properly. The reasons cited above, or any other use not in accordance with the User's Manual, will void any warranties covering the bands and may result in injury. If none of the reasons above apply to a band snapping, and you suspect there was a manufacturer’s defect, then please contact us right away.


Please refer to the sizing chart in the WearBands store to determine which size is best for you based on your shoe size.

ALWAYS kneel down when clipping or unclipping the bands from the sock/shoes. This will reduce the tension on the bands, reducing the risk of the bands snapping back if they should slip from your hand. Failure to kneel down while clipping or unclipping the bands may result in injury.

For the best fit, we recommend that the front strap be fed underneath your first row of shoelaces and then pulled up (please refer to the System Set Up video).

YES! After the bands have been clipped to the WearBands socks and your shoes, slowly stand upright. The system is now engaged and you are ready to train.

After a short learning curve, the entire WearBands system can be put on in about one minute. If you are using the same level resistance band for an extended period of time, here is one tip to speed up the process further:
Rather than removing the bands from the belt, you can simply leave them attached to the front and rear belt rings. When you are ready for the next use, simply put on the belt and rear attachment, hook the bands to your socks, and you're ready to go! However, keep in mind that leaving the bands on the belt in this fashion may reduce the life of the bands and expose them to damage, so please store the system carefully.


YES! WearBands has a complete trainer certification program. We have several certified WearBands trainers throughout the United States. Please refer to our WearBands Partner Trainers page of our website to find a WearBands trainer near you.

YES. We have a certification program, and if you are a qualified personal trainer, you can get certified to teach with the WearBands system. We have both an in-person certification class and an online certification. Please contact us from more information.

YES! All certified WearBands trainers become WearBands® affiliates. Affiliates earn commissions on all orders that originate from them, including from clients, through social media promotion, or anywhere else. Please contact us for more information.