Why Wearbands – Wearbands

Why Wearbands

Because your resistance equipment should not dictate what you can and can't do with it!

WearBands was created from the simple notion that a resistance training system, which allows anyone to do anything at any speed, would free up both athletes and fitness consumers to train what they want, where they want and when they want, something no other single piece of traditional in the world can do.

A collaboration of the some of the world's leading sports and fitness trainers and physiotherapists, the WearBands system is designed to increase the results of any workout or activity via the proven training benefits of time under tension and neuromuscular stimulation.

WearBands simply delivers the resistance in way more purely functional and freer than ever before.

WearBands is safe, simple and easy to use, and you'll feel it working the moment you put it on.

Our Mission

Based in Boulder, Colorado, USA, we are passionate about sports, fitness and health.

Our mission is to free athletes and fitness consumers from the restrictions of traditional resistance training equipment, helping them to reach their full athletic potential and to make fitness more varied, more fun and more productive.

Our Story

WearBands was founded by Daniel Schreiber, a former collegiate football player at Duke University. Experienced with a wide array of functional resistance tools, Daniel knew that none of the existing equipment allowed functional training in the purest sense; unencumbered, completely free movement under resistance. Together with a passionate group of sports performance trainers and fitness professionals, WearBands was created to give athletes and ever day fitness consumers the ability train more effectively under purely functional resistance.