image of WearBands 5-band complete setWearbands® is a patented resistance band training system the gives you the freedom to perform any movement at any speed, anywhere, under full-time, no-impact resistance.  You choose the workout, WearBands makes it more productive.  Worn during any fitness activity, you will burn more calories and improve core-to-foot strength, while toning and firming the booty and legs.  Athletes become better athletes by adding WearBands to any sport-specific training drills.  Improve speed and agility, jump higher, improve functional strength and endurance.  There is no more versatile, effective functional resistance system for sports and fitness training.  Train smarter, not longer.  Wear Your Bands!

Derek Wolfe, starting defensive lineman for Denver Broncos“There’s nothing else in the market that creates the stability all the way from your feet to your hips.  You can take the equipment and be able to do whatever kind of training you want wherever you want, whether it be in the mountains, on the beach, in the gym and do any kind of football drills you want in them.  It takes any workout and makes it twice as hard.”

Derek Wolfe
Denver Broncos
Starting Defensive Lineman

Endorsed by elite trainers and professionals worldwide, including:

Anthony “Star” Geoghegan, Realta Clinic, Ireland, world-renowned trainer of multiple Olympic track & field gold medalists, on WearBands Board of Advisors

Anthony “Star” Geoghegan
Realta Clinic, Ireland
World-renowned trainer of multiple Olympic track & field gold medalists

Dr. Dennis Shavelson, former Chief of Podiatry, New York Presbyterian Hospital and Beth Israel Medical Center, NYC, endorses WearBands

Dr. Dennis Shavelson
former Chief of Podiatry
New York Presbyterian Hospital and Beth Israel Medical Center, NYC


What our customers are saying…

Wearbands Rock

February 8, 2018

I have been using Wearbands for my own personal training, as well as with my clients, for over a couple years now. Everyone loves that there’s incredible resistance, regardless of the targeted motion. In addition, Wearbands is perfect for training each & every muscle group. This allows athletes from all various types of sports to achieve a fabulous workout. I’m certain that Wearbands will be part of my workout routine for long into the future.

Odin Garcia & Julia Kuhns

Best training aid

February 8, 2018

I’m a basketball coach, trainer, and father. I use this device on my own kid and the kids I train. It’s simply the best device I’ve used to help with speed, agility and those fast twitch muscles. Simply put if u want a higher performance out of your athletes, try it

Domonick Tucker

Worth the buy!

February 14, 2018

The best & easiest piece of equipment I’ve ever used.

Sharelle M

“I am in love with this system.  You can feel it as soon as you put it on.  I use it  for toning and defining my lower body as a killer addition to my weight lifting routine.  I also use it to boost my stair, running and other cardio sessions.  Its easy to travel with, so I have a workout with me wherever I go.”

Noora Kuusivuuori
NPC Top-10 Physique Competitor
Fitness/Physique Cover Model

Answers to some commonly asked questions

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Can I quickly remove the system during a workout?