Wearbands® is a resistance band training system the allows you to perform any movement at any speed, anywhere, while under full-time variable resistance.  You can wear your own shoes, or no shoes at all, and receive a low-impact, purely functional resistance workout as your body naturally moves.

derek“There’s nothing else in the market that creates the stability all the way from your feet to your hips.  You can take the equipment and be able to do whatever kind of training you want wherever you want, whether it be in the mountains, on the beach, in the gym and do any kind of football drills you want in them.  It takes any workout and makes it twice as hard.”

Derek Wolfe
Denver Broncos
Starting Defensive Lineman

noora“I am in love with this system.  You can feel it as soon as you put it on.  I use it  for toning and defining my lower body as a killer addition to my weight lifting routine.  I also use it to boost my stair, running and other cardio sessions.  Its easy to travel with, so I have a workout with me wherever I go.”

Noora Kuusivuuori
NPC Top-10 Physique Competitor
Fitness/Physique Cover Model

Answers to some commonly asked questions

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If you experience temporary foot discomfort, here’s what you can do


Can I quickly remove the system during a workout?