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3 and 5 Band Systems

If you’re looking for a complete WearBands system that you can add to any workout, then you can find the perfect options below. You can order a three- or five-band system, and add the appropriate level of resistance to your next workout. We know you’ll love how easy it is to use!


Choose between our 3 and 5 band systems

With varying levels of resistance, anyone from the fitness novice to the professional competitor can use and benefit from the system. Additional levels of resistance also means there is always another level of resistance to challenge you as you get fitter.

When it comes to exercise bands, there’s no better choice than WearBands. This revolutionary system is designed to help you get better results out of every workout, no matter if you’re training for strength, speed, or agility. Order your complete system today, and please let us know if you have any questions!