The Wearbands® advantage for fitness training

Get more results in the same amount of time, or the same results in less time, from your favorite fitness activity. Adding WearBands to any fitness routine increases calorie burn (up to 20%), cardio and muscle toning. With no restrictions of movement, and using your own shoes (or no shoes at all), WearBands can be worn during any workout, including any group fitness class, boot camp, yoga, on a hike or just walking to get more results from the activity of your choice.

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Chris Lane, MS, CSCS, NSCA-CPT

“WearBands is a true game changer.   I train a diversity of clients/athletes from across the fitness spectrum inside any given day.  From sports performance, sports skill, and practically ANY recreational activity, WearBands is the first non-restrictive, portable, comfortable, durable, and fully functional banded training system on the market today.”

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