Coach Testimonials

"It did the job perfectly"

"I purchased the WearBands for my 12- year old for her track training.

We use them multiple time per week for strength training, agility, plyometrics & dynamic drills.  I didn’t want to add weights when doing strength training. It added just enough resistance to make the exercises more difficult, but no to where her form would break down. It did the job perfectly.

Over time, I saw that she was gaining more explosiveness, which is what I hoped for when we started.

Customer service has been awesome! Always a quick response with any questions."

Chris West - Coach/Father to AAU Champ

"Every kid who aspires to be an athlete should own a set of these."

“The WearBands™ resistance and improved sensory information are amazing for balance control improvement, which is one of the most important goals in sport and exercise. The system will also help avoid lower limb injuries.   WearBands™ will challenge conventional modes of exercise, which will also make fitness fun and accessible to a wide range of people in sports and fitness. Every kid who aspires to be an athlete should own a set of these.”

Anthony Geoghegan - World Renowned Physiotherapist to Elite Athletes

"WearBands™ is not just another training tool."

"WearBands™ is one of the only training tools I have used where the athletic fundamentals of biomechanics to push during acceleration (linear, lateral, retreating, and vertical) are not disrupted, and I get to accommodate resistance for a longer period of time. In other words, I can create force over a longer period of time, which helps me increase my acceleration characteristics.

WearBands™ is not just another training tool. It is a sound strategy to include in the programming of training, especially speed training. It causes the CNS to have an adaptation to the force stimulus being applied by wearing the WearBands™.

I can promise you this; I am not an easy sell when it comes to training tools. WearBands™ fit a need I was looking to fill and as a result increased my methods to enhance performance.”

Lee "The Speed Guy" Taft - Renowned Athletic Movement Specialist

WearBands for Sports Trainers, Athlete Trainers, Sports Coaches

A coach wants his or her athletes to show up on the field or court in the best condition possible, moving as well as possible and to be injured as little as possible. Wearbands™ was created with this in mind.

Whether working with a coach or on their own, WearBands’ revolutionary training system can be quickly and easily added to any existing programming to increase results. The system simply delivers dynamic, variable resistance to any move at any speed, increasing time under tension without altering natural movement patterns. The results an optimized neuromusclar system for optimized functional speed and movement.

The science behind WearBands has been around for ages: dynamic resistance training and time under tension.  WearBands has simply developed a delivery system, which amplifies its benefits for athletes, by allowing them to train under resistance how they full speed.  Please contact us if you would like to learn more about the advantages of dynamic, variable resistance training and the science behind it.

Because the system is lightweight and easily transportable, as well as quick and easy to put on and remove, coaches and athletes can use it anywhere, including in the gym and the field of play, to improve performance. Affordably priced, it is also an ideal tool for athletes to use at home with trainer-prescribed drills.

Bottom line, those who use WearBands to enhance their training show up on the court or field performing at their athletic best. Those who don’t will be a step behind.

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