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choose from 3 or 5 levels of resistance

Lower-body System

Complete core-to-foot muscle activation

3-Level System: $79.95 (or 4 payments of $19.99)

5-Level System: $99.95 (or 4 payments of $24.9)

Add the upper-body system

Full-body System

Complete full-body muscle activation

3 Lower levels, 2 Upper levels: $99.95 (or 4 payments of $24.99)

5 Lower levels, 2 Upper levels: $119.95 (or 4 payemnts of $29.99)

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Designed for anyone 4'10" and above

Recommended for 10 years old & up.

How Does WearBands Work and What Are Its Advantages??

The science behind WearBands™ is well-documented and its benefits proven. WearBands™ employs the workout productivity science of Time Under Tension.

By placing your body under almost full-time tension, like added gravity, WearBands™ recruits and activates more muscle over a longer period of time while doing virtually anything. More muscle recruitment and activation over a longer period delivers a far more productive workout, allowing you to significantly reduce workout reps and time and still receive more results.

It's innovative resistance anchor points allow complete freedom of movement in a biomechanically sound fashion, making it the only single piece of resistance equipment in the world, which can enhance the results of virtually any workout or activity.

WearBands™ is a no restrictions, muscle-activating, neuromuscular feedback boosting machine. What does that mean for your plyometric workouts?

Due to the increased muscle engagement (up to 80%) and longer activation, workout productivity is boosted by up to 50%.

WearBands™ enhances the results of strength and plyometric work as accommodating resistance, engaging and activating more muscles for a longer period of time without the potentially harmful addition of more and more weight. This is particularly advantageous for younger athletes

Far less expensive and far more versatile than stationary platform-based banded systems, WearBands allows far more options to do more dynamic plyometric work with no restictions of movement. TVry quick to disengage, they are also ideal for contrast loading work.

The application of no-mass, multi-planar and multi-directional resistance to full-speed movement enhances the body’s neuromuscular feedback while at the same time sequentially developing movement-specific muscles. That menas WearBands is also great for speed & agility workouts, resulting in more functional strength and better sport-specific movement in a way not before possible.

The increased muscle activation and duration also significantly increases muscle endurance and cardio conditioning.

The same way WearBands helps athletes become better athletes helps fitness consumers get fitter faster doing whatever they enjoy doing.

For fitness consumers, WearBands applies constant tension with zero movement restrictions, meaning it can be added to anything you are already doing and enjoy and can deliver significantly more results in less time.

Calorie burn increases by 30% and cardio demand by 15-20%, meaning virtually any workout becomes a combined cardio-strength workout.

Workout productivity is boosted by up to 50%; a 30-minute workout is the equivalent of 45 minutes. 60 minutes the equivalent of 90 minutes, etc. The increased productivity means that you can reduce workout time by 30-50%, and because of the increased muscle activation, still get more results. No matter how much time you have, WearBands makes sure it is the most productive workout possible.

All of this is achieved by a lightweight, easily portable system that can deliver as little or as much functional resistance as desired on a moment's notice, anywhere.

In a word, anyone! To be a bit more specific, anyone 4'10" (147cm) to 6'10" (208cm) and with shoe size W4.5/M2.5 (EU 34) to W18/M16 (EU 49).

WearBands comes with 3 or 5 levels of lower-body resistance (and 2 levels of optional upper-body resistance), 3 height range sizes and 4 custom sock size ranges, so anyone of any size or fitness level can get a system custom tailored to their needs.

Our customers range from youth (10 years old & up) to professional athletes and fitness consumers of all ages, sizes and fitness levels, who are adding WearBands™ to their favorite workouts and activities and reaping the benefits.

Anything! That is what sets WearBands apart from every other piece of resistance equipment in the world.

The resistance does not dictate what you can and can't do with it. With zero restrictions, what you do with them is entirely up to you! WearBands i snot just a plyometric tool. It can also be used for speed & agility, strength and endurance training.

On any given day, you decide what you feel like doing, and where you feel like doing it, and WearBands simply provides the resistance and added results.

Its no-impact resistance is body-friendly and youth-friendly and you can use it multiple times a week to do a variety of things...exactly what is completely up to you!



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