Wearbands for Booty Building

Any Workout 💢 More Results 💢 Glutes & Legs

The World's most versatile functional training system

What does it do?

  • Simultaneously reaches and activates more core, glute and leg muscles during any activity
  • Burns on average 20% more calories during any activity
  • Allows completely unrestricted hands-free movement with no band slippage

How does it compare to other booty products?

  • Many booty products restrict you to just a handful of exercises. WearBands builds and tones your core, booty and legs during an activity.
  • WearBands' patented front and rear band design produces a more balanced and complete booty and leg workout in a safer, more biomechanically sound system.
  • WearBands' patented sock delivers a more comfortable and secure fit and is ideal for shoeless activities like yoga, barre, pilates, kickboxing and beach workouts.
  • WearBands is fully customizable by shoe size, height and resistance level (5 included) for any activity and anyone of any size or fitness level.

Versatility + Results = Value

  • Can be worn during booty-specific or any other activity (walking, hiking, group fitness classes, etc.). The uses are unlimited!
  • 5 Levels of resistance for any activity with no plateauing.
  • At home, at the gym, in the office, in the park and travel fitness system.
  • More results in less time.