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Wearbands Lower-Body Pro System (5 Lower-body Levels)

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The WearBands™ Base System (5 Levels) is an athletic training equipment that has been tested and used by Olympic track and field athletes and pros in multiple sports. WearBands™ is a groundbreaking advancement in sports and fitness training, get your set today!


  • (Under 5'5" - S)
  • (5'6"-6'1" M)
  • (Over 6'1" - L)


  • (Under W7/M5 - XS)
  • (W7.5-10.5/M5.5-8.5 - S)
  • (W11-13.5/M9-11.5 - M)
  • (W14-18/M12-16 - L)

Functional Resistance Training System.

Dynamic Variable Resistance Training allows for greater levels of resistance the more the band is stretched. Unlike free weights or other training systems, whereby the weight remains the same, or actually decreases depending on the fulcrum, functional resistance training is the best way to enhance any workout.

The patented Wearbands system includes:

  • High-performance belt certified up to 500 lbs of pressure.
  • Integrated sock attachment.
  • 5 highly durable resistance bands made from engineered rubber composite.
  1. Green - Least Resistance (5 lbs. resistance).
  2. Gray - Lower Resistance (8 lbs. resistance).
  3. Yellow - Medium Resistance (12 lbs. resistance).
  4. Red - High Resistance (20 lbs. resistance).
  5. Black - Highest Resistance (30 lbs. resistance).
  • Moisture-wicking neoprene material.
  • Anodized steel buckles & snap clips.
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  • Designed and Assembled in the USA.
  • Money Back Guarantee.

Five levels of resistance.

With five levels of resistance, anyone from the fitness novice to the professional competitor can use and benefit from the system. Five levels of resistance also means there is always another level of resistance to challenge you as you get fitter.

Designed for any fitness program.

WearBands was designed to amplify the workouts you love, so it does not require learning new programming. It can be added to any fitness routine that you are already teaching or doing (group, boot camp, one-on-one, at-home). Just put on the system in any class or workout session and get more results from your favorite workout. For those of you looking for original content, we have that too.

Lightweight & portable.

WearBands is a portable resistance system that you wear. Easily packed in your luggage or backpack, WearBands is perfect for travel, outdoor workouts, hikes, you name it. If you have your WearBands system with you, you have your gym.


Easy to Use.

Wearbands® is simple and quick to put on and take off. Strap on the belt, clip on the resistance bands, and you are ready to go in seconds.

Simple Clip System.

You can easily leave your Wearbands® system on through an entire workout and unclip whenever you like. Whenever you’d prefer not to add WearBands resistance during workout, simply unclip from the sock and clip the bands to the belt’s side rings to keep them out of the way. When you are ready to add resistance again, simply click the bands back to your socks and you’re ready to go!

 If you’re ready to take your workouts to the next level, then order your WearBands resistance training system today. We know you’ll love it!

Low-impact and joint-friendly workouts.

Unlike weighted clothing, which adds resistance externally and thereby increases impact forces, WearBands' no-impact, variable resistance is all generated internally. The result is functional resistance training with no additional impact. The athlete receives all of the benefits of functional resistance training without any of the potentially debilitating effect of weighted clothing.