▪️WearBands Full-body Base System (3 Lower-body Levels, 2 Upper-body Levels)▪️

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=S-Lower Bands/XS-Socks/S-Gloves/S-Upper Bands= =S-Lower Bands/S-Socks/S-Gloves/S-Upper Bands= =S-Lower Bands/M-Socks/S-Gloves/S-Upper Bands= =M-Lower Bands/XS-Socks/M-Gloves/M-Upper Bands =M-Lower Bands/S-Socks/S-Gloves/M-Upper Bands= =M-Lower Bands/S-Socks/M-Gloves/M-Upper Bands= =M-Lower Bands/M-Socks/S-Gloves/M-Upper Bands= =M-Lower Bands/M-Socks/M-Gloves/M-Upper Bands= =M-Lower Bands/L-Socks/M-Gloves/M-Upper Bands= =L-Lower Bands/M-Socks/M-Gloves/L-Upper Bands= =L-Lower Bands/M-Socks/L=Gloves/L-Upper Bands= =L-Lower Bands/L-Socks/M-Gloves/L-Upper Bands= =L-Lower Bands/L-Socks/L-Gloves/L-Upper Bands=

The WearBands 3-Level Complete System comes with the 3-Level Base System Plus our Upper-Body System, which includes our custom WearBands gloves and 2 levels of upper-body/lateral bands bands.  These bands can also be used interchangeably as upper body bands and lateral bands (connected from sock to sock for added lateral resistance).

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