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The Secret to the Efficient Workout - Understanding Workout Volume.

Workout volume of fitness training equipment


Workout Volume

Are you familiar with the concept called Workout Volume?  It's really quite simple.  Workout volume equals the number of total reps you do in a workout times the resistance you are using.  So, for example, if you do a workout that contains 5 exercises, each one consisting of 10 reps and 3 sets, then your total reps are 3x10x5 = 150.  If you are applying resistance of 100 pounds to that workout, then your total Workout Volume is 150 (total reps) x100 (pounds of resistance), or 15,000.

When we do bodyweight workouts, a general rule of thumb is that the resistance being applied to that workout is approximately 60% of your body weight.  So, for example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you are applying about 90 pounds of resistance to that workout (150 x .60).

Taking the workout volume example above, your workout volume would be 150 (total reps) x 90 (pound of resistance), or 13,500.  There are only two ways to increase your workout volume; increase the total reps or increase the resistance being applied.

This is why bodyweight workouts can lead to workout frustration.  The resistance is fixed to 60% of your bodyweight, so with no extra resistance, you are forced to do an ever-increasing amount of reps to see improvement, and that can be time-consuming and make workouts you used to love get boring, Or, you are forced to settle for plateauing, often short of the results you'd like to see.

One of the reasons WearBands™ was created was to solve the bodyweight workout volume limitations. WearBands™ allow you to actually reduce the total number of reps, increase your volume and results, and never plateau (since there is always another level of resistance you can use).

Check out the table above, and discover just how much more productive you can make your bodyweight workout by simply adding WearBands™ to it.  Not only can you reduce the reps and time of your workout, but the increased muscle activation caused by WearBands means you feel and see more results.

So who's up for decreased workout time and increased results!?



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