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It's Been My Secret Weapon

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Robert Killian Running Using WearBandsDuring these challenging times we’ve learned ways to adapt to the current situation and find tools that allow us to train at home. But more than that, we all reach a certain point in training where you need to add something in order to get you to the next level, or you’ll just plateau. My athletes ask me all the time, “What can I do to get stronger and faster?”  Well, maintaining the proper fitness level required for Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) is no easy task. You must have a balance of Speed, Strength, and Endurance. Most people play to their advantage, since typically a person is better at one of those three fitness dimensions vs balanced across all three. Over the past five years, as I’ve been focusing specifically on OCR, the one and only tool I’ve found to give me an edge in all three fitness dimensions are WearBands.

This break through training aid focuses on adding resistance to any basic functional movement without the use of extra weight. You simply put on the belt, slip on the foot attachment, and lock in the bands.   One tip I can give you here is make sure to route the top of the attachment loop through the middle of your shoe laces if your shoes allow it, not the very top. Another tip is to consider using bungee shoe laces to give your shoes some more flexibility with their booties in the shoe. There will be a short time period for your foot to get used to the boot so keep in mind it’s a preferred method to build up using them over time. Start using WearBands for about 20 minutes the first time, then progressively increase your time until you meet your current normal training duration.

Robert Killian Running Using WearBandsOne of the key benefits for using WearBands is that it helps reduce impact while running due to the resistance bands pulling up on the feet, although it does not make running easier, because the idea is for it to be harder so you get more out of it. Depending on the level of bands you choose, you will feel the system making you work a little harder while running, but moreover, and what’s really important, are the sore muscles you’ll definitely feel for the rest of the day. WearBands will identify where your weaknesses are and allow you to continue to improve those muscles through repeated use of the system.

I’ve found that for Obstacle Course Racing WearBands helps me in those “Cross-Country” sections, where we have to do a lot of “Bushwhacking” through the woods. In fact, it’s been my secret weapon and why I’m the best when it comes to running fast through the woods or technical terrain. The higher intensity required to rapidly change your foot placement to maximize running efficiency isn’t something you can train for on a flat paved surface. Well, this is where WearBands comes into play. While running in the system, you’re using different muscles due to the increased resistance. These “stabilizer muscles” being utilized way more while using WearBands equates to increased speed, strength, and agility for “Cross-Country” running.


Robert Killian Using WearBands as Home Workout Equipment

Another great fact about WearBands is that the system isn’t just used while running. You can do a multitude of Functional Fitness exercises to help increase the quality of your workout; especially at home right now. In fact, you can perform any movement in WearBands from squats, lunges, jumping jacks, bicycle kicks, mountain climbers, box jumps, and polymeric drills just to name a few. Those movements are only with the lower bands; slide on the gloves and upper bands to work your arms, shoulders and other upper body muscles. Finally, it’s lightweight and easy to travel with, making it super easy to drop into a gym or travel bag when on the go.
Robert Killian Using WearBands as Home Workout Equipment Robert Killian Using WearBands as Home Workout Equipment Robert Killian Using WearBands as Home Workout Equipment
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