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Advantages of Resistance Band Training

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The Advantages of Resistance Bands for Resistance Training

 When it comes to exercising today, we can become caught up in the glamour and display of using big machines and free weights at the gym. Failing to acknowledge the simple, yet profound benefits of relying on something much simpler than complex machines and heavy weights, it’s common for everyone, from amateurs to fitness fanatics, to ignore the benefits of resistance band training. We get caught up in ego over effectiveness.

As a form of exercise that enables you to perform strength-training exercises without weights, resistance band training can provide a full body workout that can easily add or remove variety and intensity while in motion.

If you’re considering a switch to resistance band workouts this year, here are some of the top advantages:

  1. Adaptability: Whether you’re training for sport at the highest level, or you’re brand new to fitness, resistance bands are for every performance level. Coming in a variety of resistances and depending upon how you use and anchor the bands, you can greatly affect the amount of resistance that is being applied to the targeted area.
  2. Simple Exercises: Resistance bands can be added to the simplest of exercises, like squats and side lunges, to bicep curls and stretching. With resistance bands, you don’t need to learn complicated routines that require professional oversight to make sure you aren’t injuring yourself. Resistance bands can be applied to any workout regimes, even increasing the intensity of walking. It’s effective training and does not require heavy weights and machinery.
  3. Easily Stored: It can be a pain lugging around dumbbells and other heavy machinery if you really want to get in a quality workout. Resistance bands weigh almost nothing, and can be easily stored and transported anywhere, at any time. They’ll inspire you to workout more as a result of convenience.
  4. Solitarily Used: With many intense workouts, we require additional support to make sure we don’t end up in a dangerous situation. Resistance bands can be used for solo exercising activities, which means you don’t need to worry about coordinating a fitness session with other people. You can hit the gym or the basement on your own time, just you and your bands.
  5. Results: Resistance bands provide results in a way that reduce risk of injury. They help you improve both muscle strength and tone, while also maintaining flexibility and improving balance. As a high intensity workout, using resistance bands will kick-start your heart, contributing to weight loss and sustained metabolic activity long after your workout is complete.

A Resisted Solution for 2018

Whether you like to target arms, legs, glutes, abs, or every part of your body at once, resistance bands are able to apply variable resistance without the associated dangers of lifting heavy weights. Setting aside the public display of pumping iron, resistance bands are as or more effective with less risk. Easily packed and transported, resistance bands provide you with fitness flexibility and autonomy, applicable to any setting. For 2018, leave ego aside and consider the undisputed benefits of incorporating resistance bands into your workout.

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