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Upper Body System w/Belt - Components

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The Upper Body System w/Belt combo enables users without the WearBand lower-body system to use the System for some upper-body movements.  Some tennis players & coaches, for example, use the upper-body system only for kinesthetic "feel" for proper positioning of the racquet and off-hand/arm.

This configuration is comprised of a pair of WearBands custom gloves and 2 levels of upper body resistance bands, which can also double as lateral resistance bands when connected from one WearBands sock to another (See Photo).

We do not recommend this upper-body-only configuration for general exercise, because some movements, without the belt "anchored" by the lower-body system, may cause the belt to "slip" up from your waist!

We recommend adding the lower-body system to create the WearBands the full-body system for any dynamic, "do anything" movements!

But for come specific movements, like with tennis, this combination is a great way to reinforce proper technique.