Oncourt/Offcourt Get-a-grip Yoga Mat – Wearbands

Oncourt/Offcourt Get-a-grip Yoga Mat

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From our friends at OnCourt/Offcourt, the  Get-a-Grip mat is made of a durable, natural rubber with a  proprietary non-slip texture, to keep the mat in place even on slippery surfaces like hardwood floors.

Similar high-quality mats from popular brand names cost 60% more!


1) Proprietary, non-slip texture for a solid grip to support even the most sweaty practices!

2) Made from eco-friendly, natural rubber

Mat Length: 71” x 27”

Whether for yoga or cross training, this mat is relevant; I use it for lunges, as a prop for restoratives, half-kneeling strength and stretching work, and more. So glad to have this for my practices. 

-Elena Brower

Bestselling author of Practice You and Being You, Yoga and Meditation Teacher