EDGE Wonder Gun Mini - Recovery, Massage, Cell Phone Sized Percussion Massager by EDGE Mobility System

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Fulfilled by our friends at EDGE Mobility System

The EDGE Wonder Gun Mini is a pocket sized wonder! Recover in style and bring your percussion massager anywhere! Recharge with USB-C, so one less cord to bring along if you already have a Mac, Android, or newer iPad Pro or Air 2020.

It's the size of a cell phone and you can even fit it in some pockets! Comes with or without a case, choose when you add it to cart!

Tired of massage guns that sound like jackhammers? The EDGE Wonder Gun Mini is even quieter than our Wonder Gun 2.0!

Weight: 500g, 1.1 pounds
Length: 142mm, 5.5"
Charge Jack: Type C
Battery: 2500mAh lithim battery
Function: Neck Massager / Body massager
Stroke: 6mm
Noise: 40dB - 60dB

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