Oncourt/Offcourt Foldable Yoga Mat – Wearbands

Oncourt/Offcourt Foldable Yoga Mat

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From our friends at OnCourt/Offcourt, The ORIGINAL foldable, multi-purpose rectangular mat. The mat is eco-friendly and has a different texture on each side so you can get a better grip for your body and when placing on smooth surfaces. Fold your mat to desired widths in different sections depending on where you would like extra support. When folded, the mat also works great as a bolster and meditation cushion! 


1) Multi-Use 3-in-1 Mat: Use as a mat, bolster and meditation cushion!

2) Extra support: Fold to add extra support and cushioning under your hands and knees

3) Eco-friendly made from natural rubber

4) 2 textures: Each side has a different texture so you can get get a better grip for your body and on smooth surfaces

5) Lightweight: Light and easy to take with you anywhere!

Mat Length: 71.5” x 24”

Whether for yoga or cross training, this mat is relevant; I use it for lunges, as a prop for restoratives, half-kneeling strength and stretching work, and more. So glad to have this for my practices. 

-Elena Brower

Bestselling author of Practice You and Being You, Yoga and Meditation Teacher