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WearBands™ for Soccer

Better Movement More Endurance More Vertical

Are you interested in improving your speed and agility around the pitch?

Would you like to react quicker, jump higher and increase muscle endurance?

Fast on/off ▪️ Safety-proof design ▪️ Scientifically proven

The World's most versatile functional training system



What does it do?

  • WearBands constant tension, applied through any movement at any speed, simultaneously reaches and activates more muscles through real-time functional movements, improving functional strength, movement, change of direction and muscular endurance.
  • Amplifies neuromuscular feedback, improving coordination and balance.
  • Allows you to train like you compete, at full speed, but with the advantage of no-mass, no-impact resistance.
A Man Using WearBands as Athletic Training Equipment
Wearbands as Resistance Bands
Wearbands for Soccer Player
Wearbands for Soccer Player
Wearbands for Soccer Player

How does it compare to other soccer training tools?

  • WearBands™ allows completely unencumbered, untethered, multi-vector other words, it applies resistance as your body naturally moves. No more bungees held around your waist, which apply only single-vector horizontal resistance, or bulky, cumbersome weighted accessories. Now you are free to move as you really move for more efficient, more functional resistance training.
  • Lightweight and easily portable, WearBands™ can deliver as much resistance as you need on the pitch. And if you prefer, you can use with your other favorite resistance tools to amplify their results.
  • Versatility! Wearbands™ can be used for dynamic warm-ups, conditioning, agility drills, in combination with ball skills, in the gym for plyometric drills and even as accommodating resistance to increase muscle activation during free weight work. Workout anywhere! In the gym, on the pitch, at home and and while traveling.
  • WearBands is simple and safe to use and is fully customizable by shoe size, height and resistance level (5 included) for any athlete of any age (12 & up), size or fitness level.
WearBands as Athletic Training Bands for Athletes
WearBands as Fitness Training Equipment for Athletes
WearBands as Athletic Training Equipment for Athletes
WearBands as Athletic Training Bands for Athletes
WearBands as Athletic Training Resistance Bands for Athletes

Versatility + Results = Value

  • WearBands™ enhances the results of any workout, so you'll use it all the time. No matter the drill, on the pitch, in the gym, on the road, adding WearBands™ will get you more results. It will be your most-used training tool.
  • 5 Levels of resistance included for any athlete 12 & up and any activity, with no plateauing.
  • An at home, at the gym, on the pitch and travel fitness system.
  • Whether for a normal workout, or if you are short on time, WearBands™ packs the maximum results per workout possible. What's that worth!?