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As a trainer and strength and conditioning coach, you understand the importance and benefits of functional resistance training for your athletes, so you will understand why WearBands represents a groundbreaking evolution in functional resistance training.

Train any movement at any speed. No tethers. The ability to move in multiple planes and directions at full-speed. Adding increased load without increased mass. The ability to add no-impact, fluid resistance to any movement. WearBands™ adds constant tension to every movement, which increases the reach, level and length of muscle engagement without significantly altering movement patterns. To move fast, you need to train fast, which is something no other system allows like WearBands.

Time-Efficient Training. From a practical standpoint, trainers have limited time with their athletes and want to get the most out of each and every session. WearBands is simple to use, takes less than 60 seconds to put on and remove, and allows multiple athletes to be trained at the same time, vs. tandem and single-user equipment. WearBands can be added to virtually any drill or other piece of equipment to increase core-to-foot muscle activation, assuring that your athletes get the maximum benefit from very training session.

Scientifically validated . Backed by science and validated by trainers and athletes at the highest level of sport, WearBands continues to build its affiliate partnerships with coaches and trainers around the world, and we’d love to work with you.

Become WearBands Therapeutic Certified

Esteemed Doctor of Podiatry and biomechanic of the lower extremities Dr. Dennis Shavelson has developed a professional certification called WearBands Therapeutic, which certifies professionals with an in-depth knowledge of his protocols and incorporation of WearBands for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Once certified, trainers can bundle WearBands with training sessions at an elevated price as an added source of revenue. More about Dr. Shavelson can be learned here.

More information on WearBands Therapeutic can be found on their website here.

Please contact us at, or you can fill out the form on our Contact page to learn more about our bulk order discounts, affiliate program (which compensates trainers for 3rd party orders) and the WearBands Therapeutic certification.

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