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WearBands™ Pursuing a DRTV Campaign

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A Woman Using WearBands as Fitness Training Equipment


WearBands™ current customer base of 3,300+ is 50% athletes and 50% fitness consumers.  Of the fitness consumers, 2/3 are women.  Among WearBands™ many applications, it is the ideal at-home fitness tool.

Fitness products are among the top three DRTV categories and women buy the majority of DRTV products.  WearBands™ has proven very popular among fitness consumers who try it.  With over 3,000 sales, only one system has ever been returned!™ WearBands™ meets all of the major attributes of successful DRTV products, and as such, we have decided to pursue a DRTV campaign to increase WearBands™ visibility and to put WearBands™ "on the map" to a wider audience of fitness consumers.  

We will be teaming with an experienced DRTV production company, which has extensive experience in the fitness space.

To attract the necessary investment to launch the campaign, WearBands™ is offering an extremely attractive convertible debt investor package with potentially great returns, the opportunity to convert to equity in the company at attractive valuations during the DRTV campaign, and we have also built in significant investor downside protection in the event the campaign does not perform as well as expected.  This is an excellent opportunity for investors to "dip their foot in the pool" with WearBands™, earn excellent short-term returns, and buy into the larger company if and when the DRTV campaign takes off.

To learn more about this opportunity, please view the INVESTOR DECK.  Contact CEO Daniel Schreiber with any questions at dan@wearbands.com.

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