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WearBands™ - Any Workout, More Results, Less Time. Guaranteed.

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For the first time, a simple, lightweight, portable tool is available to make virtually any workout or fitness activity of your choice more productive.

Is finding time to exercise a challenge for you?  Do you wish you saw more results from the workouts you do?  Are you an athlete or coach interested in getting more results out of each and every workout session?  If so, WearBands™ was made for you!

The system is simple to use.  The science is simple and well-documented.  If you use WearBands™ during any workout or fitness activity, you will receive significantly more results than you would have received without WearBands™, even in less time.  So the question is…if you are doing the workout anyway, why would you accept less results in more time, when you could receive more results in less time?

Like the system itself, the concept behind WearBands™ is simple; take the well-documented advantages and benefits of resistance band training, eliminate its restrictions (mostly stationary, monotonous movements isolating small muscle groups) and free up the user to make any movement at any speed, anywhere under full-time, variable, no-impact resistance.   The implications, advantages and improved results are far-reaching;


  1. You are no longer limited in what you can do by the limitations of your resistance.  Do whatever you enjoy doing, whatever drills and workouts you are already doing, wherever you are doing them, and receive the well-documented benefits of accommodating resistance.  Add to any of your favorite workouts, with or without other accessories, and simply get more results in less time.
  2. Burn 25+% more calories, increase average heart rate 10+% and increase muscle activation by 50+%.
  3. Work multiple muscle groups simultaneously for a far more efficient workout in less time.
  4. Combine cardio and resistance training for a more efficient workout in less time.
  5. WearBands™ engages more muscles over a longer period of time than bodyweight and even free weight accessories (dumbbells, kettlebells, etc.) can.  More muscle engagement (50+%) for a longer period of time means more strength, muscle endurance and, of course, physique benefits (WearBands™ is the ultimate glute, hip and leg developer).
  6. For athletes, not only does WearBands™ improve functional strength, muscle endurance and cardio endurance, but because it can be worn during any sports-specific speed, agility and plyometric drills, the increased neuromuscular feedback it provides results in more controlled, efficient, quicker sport and position-specific movement.  It is the only functional resistance training tool that allows full-speed, multidirectional movement under full-time, no mass, no impact, multi-vector resistance with no adverse effect on biomechanical movement.



 The science of functional resistance training is well-documented and accepted. Generally speaking, if you train the body under resistance during functional movement patterns, you will see improved functional strength and movement. WearBands™ has taken this long-accepted training method and, for the first time, allowed the resistance to be applied concurrently from the core to the foot in every vector that an athlete experiences while playing his/her sport, at full speed and with no material change in biomechanics. And the resistance applied is into the ground with no additional impact, which no other accommodating resistance tool can accomplish.  For those who value functional resistance training, WearBands™ delivers the purest form of functional resistance available.

The data from the lab is clear:  posterior chain muscle activation increases 50% on average[1] and with proper sequencing, average heart rate increases 10+%[2], average calorie burn increases 25+%[3], and their is no material change in biomechanic movement[4].

Subjectively, it is clear within minutes of using the system that the breadth and depth of muscle activation is significantly increased, and the impact is clearly felt the next day as well!



WearBands™ is highly customizable for anyone of any age, size, height and fitness level.  Anyone can easily find the resistance level that is right for them and their chosen activity.  WearBands™ comes in 3 and 5-resistance level packages, so you will never plateau.

WearBands™’ patented socks can easily fit inside any type of sports or fitness shoe, and for those who enjoy shoeless activities (yoga, pilates, barre, mma, beach and water), WearBands™ can be worn with no shoes at all.



Whether into fitness or sports training, you can and will use WearBands™ for multiple activities.  At the gym, on the field or court, at home, outdoors, while traveling; anytime you’re looking for increased fitness benefits, just put on WearBands™ and do your thing.  Leg day, cardio day, speed & agility day, streaming your favorite at-home workout or going to your favorite group fitness class, walking the dog, mowing the lawn, going for hike or a swim, you get the idea! WearBands™ is not one of those tools you’ll put on once in awhile for one kind of workout.  You can and will use it anytime for anything.

Each WearBands™ size also fits a fairly wide range of shoe sizes and heights, so it can be shared by multiple family members, friends and teammates, making it an even better value.



WearBands™ combines the freedom and convenience of bodyweight workouts with the unquestioned benefits of resistance.  It is the ultimate bodyweight workout hack!  Because there is nothing you cannot do while wearing them, WearBands™ can simply be added to any bodyweight workout programming you are already doing and enjoying and will yield significantly more results, even in less time.  25+% more calories burned, 10+% increased average hear rate, and far more strength and physique benefits than are achievable without them (50+% increase in posterior chain muscle activation). 

It is commonly accepted, but not often known, that bodyweight workouts apply resistance equal to approximately 60% of your bodyweight.  For most people, other than beginners, that is not much resistance!  That is why bodyweight workouts require so many reps and so many sets and so much time to yield material results.  And even then, you will hit a plateau where further gains are hard to come by. Furthermore, with only 60% of bodyweight being applied as resistance, fewer muscles are engaged and to a lesser extent than when resistance is applied…no matter how many reps you do. Bodyweight workouts might deliver results for an Instagram fitness influencer, who is in the gym 7 days a week for hours on end, but that’s not very helpful for the average fitness consumer, looking for measurable results in far less time.

For the “real”, time-strapped fitness consumer, WearBands™ is the perfect solution.  By increasing resistance without limiting any bodyweight exercises, WearBands™’ constant tension, which activates more muscles for a longer period of time, produces far greater results in less time.  A common measurement of work performed during a workout is called Workout Volume, which is calculated as Reps x Sets x Resistance. If you are doing a bodyweight workout, you measure volume by calculating 60% of your weight x Reps x Sets.  By simply adding WearBands™ to your workout, you can achieve the same Workout Volume with significantly less reps and sets, and that means in significantly less time.  And because of the increased muscle activation, you will also receive far greater strength and physique benefits from the shorter workout.  The workout volume chart attached shows that you can reduce your total reps and sets by 30-50% on average just by adding WearBands™, and still get more results.



In addition to being added to bodyweight, speed, agility and plyometric work, WearBands™ is also highly effective for adding accommodating resistance to free weight workouts.   The variable resistance that WearBands™ adds delivers the highest level of resistance at the end range of motion.  This also happens to be where free weights tend to offer their least resistance.  This is because the momentum created when lifting a free weight tends to reduce muscle recruitment at the end range of motion.  Many strength and conditioning coaches realize this, and they add accommodating resistance in the form of chains or anchored bands.

WearBands™ has two distinct advantages over these types of accommodating resistance.  First, WearBands™ does not add any compressive forces, meaning no additional weight is added to the spine, back and hips, allowing the lifter to receive the benefits of accommodating resistance without the potentially harmful effects of overloading the lifters’ spine, back and hips.  Second, WearBands™ are completely mobile; they are anchored to nothing.  This allows the athlete to move seamlessly from lift to lift or other activity with less downtime for a more efficient use of workout time.



WearBands™ are remarkably easy to use.  The system itself takes less than 60 seconds to put on and less than 15 seconds to take off.  The comfortable WearBands™ socks can remain in your shoes until your workout session or activity is complete, whether you are using the system or not.  And there is also a simple way to temporarily unhook the bands and relieve the resistance, while still keeping the system on for future use.

Quick and easy to put on and remove, WearBands™ is also highly effective in a group training environment, be it a group fitness class or while training a large group of athletes.  In fact, given the alternate accessories commonly used today, many of which WearBands can effectively replace, functional resistance sessions can be run more time-efficiently with WearBands.™

Consider the time-consuming training aids currently used;


  • Free weights (barbells, kettlebells, weighted vests, etc.)  are often times used only to add lower-body resistance to functional movements, and often times must be shared.
  • Tandem resistance bands, when one person must hold the band while the other performs the drill, also must be shared.
  • The anchored resistance band can only apply resistance in one direction and one plane, meaning every drill must be performed separately in each direction, and even then only under sheer forces, not forces directed into the ground.

When you add up the wasted session time caused by using multiple tools, or tools which must be shared, or tools which force the same drills to be performed separately in each direction, the 60 seconds WearBands™ takes to put on becomes a large time saver for both coaches and athletes alike.  Everyone can do all drills simultaneously.

And for those coaches who still prefer to incorporate their own tools and accessories in their workouts, or if a good circuit is incorporated to rotate clients through different stations, there remains one inescapable truth; using WearBands™ in conjunction with those other tools and circuits will result in a more productive workout than if you did the same workout without them.



WearBands is new, it is innovative, it is highly effective and it can do things other functional resistance systems simply can’t.  And although it is nothing more than a functional resistance system, which delivers resistance in a more productive way, yes, it looks a bit different!    For those who know that true innovation often looks different, and have chosen to try it, and judge it, for themselves, our customer base speaks for itself;


  • Multiple Olympic and World Championship track and field medalists.
  • Three D-1 Collegiate track and field programs
  • Professional athletes in multiple sports, including football, basketball, volleyball, tennis and MMA.
  • A world-renowned national team
  • Dozens of elite sports and fitness coaches, physiotherapists and multiple researchers have tested and validated WearBands™ 
  • Thousands of youth athletes in multiple sports, ages 12 & up
  • Thousands of fitness consumers, men and women, using WearBands™ for multiple activities

WearBands has sold over 3,500 systems to date, and only one system has ever been returned!

Those who have tried WearBands™ love them.  They didn’t wait for others to try it first.  They didn’t care if it looked different.  They cared if it worked and if it performed as promised.  WearBands™ has a 30-day money back guarantee and virtually no one has ever returned one.  If you are the type who forges your own path, who embraces, rather than shies away from innovation, you should give WearBands™ a try.  You can visit WearBands.com to learn more, and can contact WearBands™ anytime at info@wearbands.com with any questions you may have.  

WearBands™ is functional resistance training re-imagined and evolved.  If the most productive workout possible in the least amount of time is of interest to you, WearBands™ will become your favorite workout accessory.


[1] Glute activation measured with and without WearBands™ Level 3 bands doing standing squats.

[2] Average heart rate compared during a controlled 45-minute walk with and without WearBands™ Level 3 bands.

[3] Avergare calorie burn compared during a 45-minute walk with and without WearBands™ Level 3 bands.

[4] Treadmill running analyzed with the Simi Motion system with and without WearBands™.

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