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How to Build a Budget-Friendly Home Gym: Tips from Experts

How to Build a Budget-Friendly Home Gym: Tips from Experts

A home gym saves you time, allows you to work out whenever you want, and even saves you money in the long run by avoiding costly memberships. So, it’s no surprise that more Americans prefer to work out at home versus in the gym. However, setting up a home gym on a budget might seem tricky.

Here are some tips and recommendations fro our friends at

Creating a home gym doesn’t have to be complicated. With some planning and advice, you can set up a space that meets your fitness needs without spending a fortune. We’ve asked experts about the right approach to creating your home gym.

Planning your home gym

Before you start buying equipment and setting up your home gym, plan it. Taking some time to assess your fitness goals and needs, determine your budget, and figure out the best space will help you create an effective and enjoyable workout area.

  • Think about what you want to achieve with your home gym. Are you looking to improve your cardio, build strength, increase flexibility, or a combination of these? Your fitness goals will guide your choices in equipment and setup

  • Setting a budget is crucial for creating a cost-effective home gym. Decide how much you’re willing to spend and stick to it

  • Consider the space you have available for your home gym. You don’t need a large area, but you do need a dedicated spot where you can exercise comfortably and in a well-ventilated area

Expert advice

How can I maximize using limited space for my home gym setup?

With various home fitness options available, you can efficiently maximize limited home gym spaces. Multifunctional equipment such as resistance tubes can be used on their own or attached to a door, offering versatile strength training options while being compact and easy to store away. Foldable cardio equipment like rowing machines provide full-body workouts and can be stored away to provide more room when not in use.

Other workout equipment that offer foldability include treadmills and the Row-N-Ride from Sunny. Mini steppers and under-desk ellipticals are popular space-saving options that take minimal space and yet pack a punch to help you get closer to your fitness goals. Extra tip? Use mirrors to make the space feel more spacious, and double its function and utilize it to help check your exercise forms regularly.

Hanna Kim from Sunny Health And Fitness

Essential equipment for a budget-friendly home gym

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to create a home gym. You can create a great workout space that suits your fitness goals by focusing on essential, cost-effective, and multifunctional equipment. 

Expert advice

What are some essentials for a small home gym?

Creating a functional and efficient small home gym involves selecting versatile equipment that can accommodate a variety of workouts within limited space. Start with dumbbells and resistance bands, which are essential for strength training and offer a range of resistance levels for exercises targeting different muscle groups. Adjustable dumbbells are particularly space-saving and versatile, allowing you to change weights easily.

A yoga mat is a must-have for floor exercises, stretching, and core workouts, providing a comfortable and non-slip surface. Adding a stability ball enhances core strength and balance, making it useful for exercises like ab rollouts and stability ball crunches.

For cardio workouts, consider compact equipment such as a jump rope, which is excellent for quick, high-intensity sessions. Alternatively, a foldable treadmill or stationary bike can provide effective cardiovascular exercise without taking up much space.

An adjustable bench is ideal for various exercises, including weightlifting and core workouts, while kettlebells offer functional training options with a compact footprint. Incorporating a foam roller aids in muscle recovery by relieving soreness and improving flexibility.

Finally, storage solutions like racks and shelves help keep your equipment organized and accessible, maintaining a clutter-free environment. This carefully chosen selection of essentials ensures a comprehensive, flexible workout space tailored to fit within a small home gym.

El Mens

How can beginners choose the right equipment for starting a home gym?

Most beginners who build a home gym from scratch tend to be either short-sighted or balls-to-the-wall. I've found it best to find a solid starting point with moderate equipment and upgrade or add training tools based on progression. 

Beginners need to consider 3 things when starting a home gym. Present state, future state, and space. At present, the beginner needs lighter weight, in the future, the novice will need heavier weight, and the space needs to be able to accommodate the equipment. This is why we recommend starting with adjustable dumbbells, an adjustable bench, a doorway pull-up/chin-up bar, an ab-wheel, and some resistance bands. Once a novice home-gym-rat plateaus, it might be time to consider acquiring an Olympic barbell, weight plates, and a weight tree to rack the plates. Ideally, the plates should be able to aggregate in 5 lbs increments - at minimum, 5 lbs, 10 lbs, 25 lbs, and 45 lbs plates should be on hand. Don't forget to add rubber mats or modify the gym floor to accommodate the heavier equipment as needed. 

Perhaps the athlete is affluent and can buy all the things all at once. Great! Assuming that is not the case, as is generally true, the above tips should help any beginner build their initial home gym, with plans to expand and progress based on discipline, consistency, and progress. My advice for beginners is to start with basic equipment, put in a solid 3 months of dedicated training, and 9 out of 10 times, you will figure out which upgrades will help you take your training to the next level.

Steve from Project Swole

What tips do you have for home gym equipment if someone has limited space or a specific budget?

For space or budget-conscious exercisers, consider versatile equipment! Adjustable dumbbells, resistance bands, and a yoga mat allow for a full-body workout without a bulky footprint. Doorway pull-up bars add upper body exercises without breaking the bank. But the magic truly happens with personalized digital training solutions.

Hyperhuman empowers leading fitness providers to create custom workout programs accessible from the comfort of your home. Imagine tailored exercise plans that consider your goals, equipment limitations, and fitness level. One of our trusted trainers, James from Empower99 powered by Hyperhuman, emphasizes the benefits: "Home gyms paired with personalized digital training lead to increased adherence and efficiency. You get expert guidance without gym commutes, saving time and money."

Don't have access to a personalized program yet? No problem! Hyperhuman also offers HyperFitness, our free online fitness platform packed with fresh, new, on-demand workouts every month. You'll find a variety of classes designed for all fitness levels and goals so you can get started on your home gym journey for free!

This approach creates a functional and affordable home gym that scales with your fitness goals. Check out our blog posts on Hyperhuman for more ideas.

Bogdan Predusca from Hyperhuman

How can I create a versatile workout routine without using much equipment?

Of course, the most versatile at-home workout is the bodyweight workout, because you can do anything!  Unfortunately, bodyweight workouts require a lot of time and reps because there is no added resistance to accelerate gains. Traditional at-home resistance equipment often requires boring and limited exercise options. To stick with an exercise routine, you have to enjoy what you are doing!

But there is an innovative solution to this problem. It is called WearBands. Wearbands are essentially a resistance exoskeleton you wear while exercising. Safe and simple to use, you just choose the band strength that is right for you, do whatever bodyweight exercise you prefer, and by simply adding WearBands, you will get far more results in far less time. The bands will never get in your way. You can even just walk the dog or work in the yard with them!  Workout time can be reduced by 1/3 to 1/2 and produce greater results than the traditional bodyweight workout.

Like to try for yourself for 20% off with a 100% moneyback guarantee? Use code PORCH20 at 

Daniel Schreiber from WearBands

Creating a comfortable workout environment

Setting up a comfortable and functional workout environment will help you keep a consistent exercise routine. Here’s how to make sure your space is set up for at-home fitness:

  • Flooring: Good flooring protects your floors and reduces the risk of injury. Look for foam mats or rubber flooring.

  • Lighting: Choose a space with windows to take advantage of natural light, which can boost your mood and energy levels. Energy-efficient LED lights can brighten your space without adding to your energy bill.

  • Ventilation: Use a fan to improve air circulation and cool the space, especially during intense workouts. An air purifier can help keep the air fresh and free of dust and allergens, especially in basements or garages.

  • Surge protectors: Consider surge protection coverage, it protects your home’s electrical systems and appliances from damage caused by power surges, which can occur due to lightning strikes, utility issues, or electrical malfunctions.

When setting up your home gym, don’t forget about the importance of maintaining a comfortable environment year-round. A home warranty can be an ally by covering your home’s electrical system and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems. If your lighting, ventilation, or heating and cooling systems encounter issues, your home warranty can help cover the repair or replacement costs, ensuring your workout environment remains functional and comfortable.

Creating a budget-friendly home gym is not only achievable but also incredibly rewarding. Following the expert tips outlined in this article, you can design a workout space that fits your needs without straining your finances.

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