Wearing The System

Front and rear resistance bands are simply clipped to rings on the patented Wearbands® belt and then are clipped to your shoes and the Wearbands® sock, or, if worn with no shoes, to the Wearbands® sock only

Wearbands® attached to the sock straps with your own shoes

Wearbands® attached to the sock rear strap and your shoelaces (included with the system)

Wearbands® with no shoes

A Wearable, Fully Functional Resistance Band Training System

Unlike other resistance band products, which limit the types of movements or your range of movement, the Wearbands® system moves as you move, through any movement  at any speed, anywhere.  The result – the freedom to train anywhere in a truly functional manner under variable resistance.

Wearbands® Socks

The patent pending Wearbands® sock can be worn inside your own shoe, or even with no shoe at all.  The rear and front attachment rings provide multiple configuration options, depending on whether or not a shoe is being worn and the type of exercise being performed.

Wearbands® Belt

The patented Wearbands® belt has three attachment rings.  The front ring is used to attach the bands to the front sock ring or shoe.  The side rings are for future band configurations.  The belt is one size fits all.

Rear Attachment

The patented rear attachment is secured to the back of the belt and has one attachment ring, which is used to attach the bands to the rear sock ring.

Resistance Bands

There are five levels of resistance bands available.  They are color coded by level of resistance and can accommodate users of different heights and fitness levels.