WearBands® For Sports Training

For the first time, athletes can take their functional resistance training onto the field of play, or anywhere else, improving speed, agility, power, explosiveness and endurance.   Wearbands® works with any athletic or training shoe and is hands-free, allowing the athlete to functionally train real-time athletic movements with no restrictions on range of motion, distance or technique.

juliana“This system has helped my conditioning for Obstacle Course Racing.  The best part is feeling critical core muscles engage and receiving higher intensity during training, developing strength in motion.”

Juliana Sproles
Professional Spartan/Obstacle Course Racer
Reebok Spartan Pro Team

The Wearbands® advantage over other functional resistance training systems

Quicker, more explosive sports-specific movement

Wearbands® adds full-time, low-impact, core-to-foot variable resistance to functional training drills with no restrictions on movement.  The athlete can train in his/her own athletic shoes anywhere, including the field of play, at full speed.  Full-speed, unrestricted movement under variable resistance from the core to the foot conditions and strengthens the athlete’s muscles and connective tissues to move in a more coordinated fashion.  The full-time variable resistance also improves Neuromuscular connections.  The result – a quicker, more explosive athlete.

Improved speed through improved technique and strength

Wearbands’® full-time variable resistance engages and strengthens the core, the foundation of all athletic movement, while the athlete is in motion.  Variable resistance, which increases as the bands are elongated, helps prevent runners from over-striding, while at the same time providing a small assist  as the runner’s foot during recovery.  The result is faster, more efficient turnover.  A stronger core and improved turnover results in more speed.

Improved muscle endurance

Wearbands® allows the athlete to functionally train under low-impact resistance for an extended period of time.  The result is improved, sport-specific muscle endurance, crucial to athletic success at the end of a race or game.

Improved foot strength

Often ignored in resistance training is the foot.  Weak feet and ankles are injury prone and affect the entire lower-body chain up to and including the back.  Wearbands® incorporates the foot and ankle into low-impact, variable resistance training.  Variable resistance is applied to the foot and ankle during every movement performed with the Wearbands® system.  The foot and ankle are therefore trained in unison with the rest of the lower-body chain, improving mobility and reducing the risk of foot-related injury.

Low-impact, internally generated resistance is body and joint-friendly

Unlike weighted clothing, which adds resistance externally and thereby increases impact forces, Wearbands’® variable resistance is all generated internally.   The result is functional resistance training with no additional impact.  The athlete receives all of the benefits of functional resistance training without any of the potentially debilitating effect of weighted clothing.

A more efficient workout by combining cardio and dynamic resistance work

Working out with Wearbands’® combines core-to-foot resistance work with cardio/conditioning work.   The result is a more time efficient workout, reducing the need to spend additional time in the weight room.

Improved muscle activation during warm-ups reduces injury risk

Wearbands’® unique ability to add light, variable resistance to dynamic warm-ups improves muscle and nervous system activation during warm-ups, reducing the risk of workout injuries.

Muscle imbalance identification

Wearbands® applies equal variable resistance to both sides of the lower body during physical activity.  Weaker muscle group sides are therefore exposed during exercise by quicker fatigue, alerting the athlete and trainer to muscle imbalances.  These can be eliminated through use of the Wearbands® system.

moises“Wearing bands has not only been great add to my training regime but it is a crucial part of it. The resistance the bands provide during certain parts of my running mechanics allows me to recruit muscles fibers I’ve been unable to do before. I enjoy training with the wear band system and I highly recommend it.”

Moise Joseph
2x Olympian, 800 Meters