WearBands™ for Football


The World's most versatile functional training system



What does it do?

  • Simultaneously reaches and activates more core, glute and leg muscles in coordination during any drill, improving sport-specific movement, functional strength, speed, agility, jumping and endurance.
  • Amplifies neuromuscular feedback, improving technique, reaction time and balance.
  • Allows you to train like you compete, at full speed, but with the performance-enhancing advantage of no-mass, no-impact resistance.

How does it compare to other football training tools?

  • WearBands™ allows completely unencumbered, untethered resistance. No more tying yourself down and mimicking real movement, or having a buddy hold you by a band, applying uneven resistance. Now you are free to move as you really move for more efficient, more functional resistance training.
  • It's the only tool that exerts natural forces (i.e. vertical from above, like gravity) to any and all movement patterns, so your body is trained under resistance to move under the same resistive forces that you'll compete under. The resistance is more purely functional than tools that exert resistance from the back or side, for example, and far gentler on the body than clunky weighted vests!
  • Versatility! Wearbands™ can be used for dynamic warm-ups, speed work, agility work, plyometric work (more vertical anyone?) and is extremely effective as accommodating resistance to increase muscle activation during free weight work. Workout anywhere! In the gym, on the track, the field, while traveling. No need to rely on the availability of other equipment to train.
  • WearBands is fully customizable by shoe size, height and resistance level (5 included) for any athlete of any age (12 & up), size or fitness level.


  • Youth, Collegiate and pro players at virtually every position.
  • D1 Collegiate Track and Field Programs (so far)

Versatility + Results = Value

  • WearBands™ enhances the results of any workout, you'll use it all the time. If you're wearing it, you will get more results. It will be your most-used training tool.
  • 5 Levels of resistance included for any activity with no plateauing.
  • An at home, at the gym, on the field and travel fitness system.
  • Whether a normal workout, or if you are short on time, WearBands™ packs the maximum results per workout possible. What's that worth!?

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