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Coaches have multiple responsibilities – motivator, strategizer, and mental and physical preparation of his or her athletes. With so many responsibilities, the coach wants his or her players physically fit and ready to perform when they step on the court or field.

Whether working with a strength and conditioning coach or on their own, WearBands’ revolutionary training system can be easily added to any existing programming to increase results. Because the system is lightweight and easily transportable, as well as quick and easy to put on and remove, trainers and athletes can use it anywhere, including the field of play, to improve performance. Affordably priced, it is also an ideal tool for athletes to use at home with trainer-prescribed drills.

Bottom line, those who use WearBands to accentuate their training show up on the court or field physically fit and performing at their athletic best. Those who don’t will be a step behind.


As a trainer and strength and conditioning coach, you use your expertise in exercise physiology to maximize the athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury of your athletes. You understand the importance and benefits of functional resistance training to the well-being of your athletes and success on the field, so you will understand why WearBands represents a groundbreaking evolution in functional resistance training.

No tethers. The ability to move in multiple planes and directions. Adding increased load without increased mass. The ability to add no-impact, fluid vertical forces to any movement. The benefits of taking any drills or lifts and increasing functional muscle activation, and as importantly, the ability for full speed, natural movement under load. To move fast, you need to train fast, which is something no other system allows like WearBands.

From a practical standpoint, trainers have limited time with their athletes and want to get the most out of each and every session. WearBands allows multiple athletes to be trained at the same time, vs. tandem and single-user equipment, where athletes waste valuable training time waiting their turn. From an individual perspective, WearBands can be added to virtually any drill or other piece of equipment to increase core-to-foot muscle activation, increasing the training benefit of every step, jump, or lift. The end result is better results from every training session.

Options for Coaches and Trainers

As a coach or trainer, your goal is to help your athletes get the most out of their athletic ability, and to do so as efficiently as possible. Whether you are in the weight room or on the field, you want to maximize the results of every training session. WearBands is a groundbreaking advancement in functional resistance training, because of its ability to train any athlete of any age (12 & up), size, and fitness level under pure, no-impact, untethered functional resistance. Backed by science and validated by trainers and athletes at the highest level of sport, WearBands continues to build its affiliate partnerships with coaches and trainers around the world, and we’d love to work with you.