Dr. Shavelson

 Dr Shavleson

Dr. Dennis Shavelson, former Chief of Podiatry at Mount Sinai-Beth Israel Medical Center, NYC, and Board Certified in Foot and Ankle Surgery, is the Founder of WearBands Therapeutic and Chief Medical Advisor of WearBands.   WearBands Therapeutic provides solutions for chronic lower-extremity and back pain caused by injury, muscle imbalances and foot problems by combining Dr. Shavelson’s patented foot-typing system with the WearBands Training System and pairing you with a licensed or certified professional.  To learn more about Dr. Shavelson and his unprecedented success treating patients, please visit


Dr. Shavelson’s Story

“As a podiatrist and biomedical engineer of the lower extremity for 30+ years, my life’s work has focused on the upright, standing or moving individual biomechanically, surgically and functionally.  I have been involved in clinical research, hospital and private practice, undergraduate and residency training of doctors, the training of physical therapists, athletic and strength trainers as well as professional and weekend warrior type athletes of all kinds, ages, genders and ability at all levels of heath and expectations.

About five years ago, I was introduced to a wearable resistance band training (WRB) system.   For the first time, I could train patients and improve their stability, support, strength, symmetry and balance while they were moving about dynamically, as well as when performing athletic activities.   Results of incorporating The WearBands Resistance Band Training System with professional foot centering training programs are dramatically better, faster and more successful.

About a year ago, I was introduced to a newer wearable resistance band training system called .  The WearBands System had several upgrades that I had envisioned, which would expand the scope and success of wearable resistance training, so I immediately began using it and I have never looked back. The WearBands System improved upon all aspects of my programs and even added some benefits that I had imagined were impossible.




My relationship with WearBands has since grown, and I am now WearBands’ Medical Director where I respond to the needs of those who have purchased the system and research and publish on the use and results of wearable resistance band training.  My first paper on the subject is soon to be published in a peer-reviewed journal, and can currently be found here:


I have established a new company, which exponentially adds to the benefit of wearable resistance band training, called WearBands Therapeutic®. This company allows licensed and certified professionals to develop custom one on one relationships with their patients (clients) as well as allowing those with a WearBands System to train at home with training protocols specific to their physical therapy goals.

I could not be more excited to be using the groundbreaking WearBands Training System to foster my career-long mission of improving the quality of life of individuals with acute or chronic pain and performance and balance issues through the application of biomechanics, my patented foot-typing system and high-tech cutting edge therapeutic tools like WearBands.  Please do not hesitate to contact me personally at to learn more.”



The Wearbands® advantage for fitness training

Get more results in the same amount of time, or the same results in less time, from your favorite fitness activity. Adding WearBands to any fitness routine increases calorie burn (up to 20%), cardio and muscle toning. With no restrictions of movement, and using your own shoes (or no shoes at all), WearBands can be worn during any workout, including any group fitness class, boot camp, yoga, on a hike or just walking to get more results from the activity of your choice.

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Chris Lane, MS, CSCS, NSCA-CPT

“WearBands is a true game changer.   I train a diversity of clients/athletes from across the fitness spectrum inside any given day.  From sports performance, sports skill, and practically ANY recreational activity, WearBands is the first non-restrictive, portable, comfortable, durable, and fully functional banded training system on the market today.”